Sunday, January 27, 2008

blog #2 swap

i would like to swap things with someone from a long way away (i live in the UK)
i would be up for sending:
postcards, books, magazines, food stuffs, touristy things, craft items, cds, photos of where im from.. etc..
im quite good at assembling collections of exciting things..

in return i would like similar to the above, or whatever you would consider to be a collection of exciting things, along the theme of where you live.. id be most interested in touristy collectables and photos of your city/town..

leave a comment if you be interested..

Gimme Your Stuff


shoeswithsoul said...

Hi! I'd be very interested to swap with you but the email you gave me didn't work for some reason. :(

Luna said...

Hey, I'm Talita from Brazil. I would love to swap if you, so please take a look at my profile and if you're interested you can leave a me a comment or send me an e-mail (: I'm totally into British bands and stuff. I'll be waiting for your message!

Lovie Dovie said...

Hi I'm Natalie from Florida and would love to swap if you are interested. You can check my page at or email me Hope to hear from you.


Sueminn said...

hello this is sueminn from new jersey (next to nyc) and i'd like to swap. [ : my profile is and my email is let me know!

Krystie said...

Hey, I'm Krystie from California. I don't know if you're still interested in a swap, but if you're still interested, leave me a comment or e-mail me at Thanks!

Giuli said...

My name is Giuliana, I'm a mum of 36, and I live in Italy.
I've taken a look to your blog trought GIMME YOUR STUFF.
I wish to trade Japanese craft books (felt, sewing and embroidery) or magazine (especially Cotton & Paint and similar), japanese fabric.
I can send anything you want from my coutry, if I'm able to find.
Do you trade again?
Happy to hear from you,
have a nice day!

Tonya said...

My name is Tonya and I am from Michigan. I would very much be interested in doing a swap with you. I am actually not picky on what I get. my e-mail address is just shoot me an e-mail if you're interested.

selene said...

Hi there!

I would so love to swap if you if you are still interested!

I'm from Singapore so I can provide you with little beautiful stuffs from my little sunny island!

Would so love to know more about your country too! :)


& do email me at if you're interested! :)

Erin said...

Hi! I just joined the gimmeyourstuff site as well, and I'd love to swap with you! I'm from Canada and can offer whatever you'd be interested in from here! Post on my blog if you're interested or send me an email at

Anabelle H. said...

Hi there! I'm from Singapore, and would love to do swaps with you!!
Do check out my link : for the stuffs I can offer! :D

Or you can email me at

Do hope to do swaps with you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Alex from Texas, and I would be very interested in swapping with you if you are up for it :). Just leave me a comment if you are interested :D

xB0B0 said...

im bobo from singapore, and i'd like to swap with you.

pls visit me at

hope to hear from you soon ^^

Ellen said...

I would LOVE to swap! From New York. Check out my page.


Patita said...

Hello! My name is Patricia and I'm 22 years old. I came across your blog about swapping and I'd LOVE to do one with you. Here is my blog so you can see what I can offer I can pretty much offer anything within reason from the USA. I'm very responsible and will follow through with a swap. I hope you're having a great day and hope to hear from you soon! Patricia

J_Unspoken said...
Hi Im jazmyn.... my blog is:
Im from the USA

I would love to swap you.My blog tells you all i can swap with you..
I have many items...I would mainly like
Snacks and Candy
and if its Possible a PHOTOGRAPH.....

If interested plz reply back
or leave a Comment on my Blog

Anonymous said...

Hello doll!

My name is Jen and I'm from the US. I'm originally from Massachusetts but have traveled all of the country. I'd love to do a swap with you. Im new to GYS. You can check out my blog here:

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you :)

Ioana said...

not sure if you are still up for this, but if you are, contact me at the email you find on my page.
PS. I am from Romania